Ankle Fractures

Ankle Fracture Treatment

A breakage in one or more bones of the ankle joint is termed as ankle fracture. It can be associated with ligament damage.

Ankle Fracture Treatment Chennai

Ankle Fracture Treatment

Characteristics of Ankle Fracture:

  • Cause: Twisting of ankle OR rotating of ankle OR rolling of ankle OR fall OR forceful impact during an accident OR extreme flexing or extending of the joint

  • Symptoms: Immediate and severe pain and tenderness, swelling of the area, inability to put weight on injures ankle, deformity of joint along with bruising and numbness of the area

  • Treatment: In cases of stable ankle, a brace or a short leg cast is applied to immobilise the area and allow it to heal properly. But in case of out of place fracture or unstable ankle, surgery is required to reposition the bone fragments and hold them together with special screws and metal plates.