Removal of Baker’s Cyst

Baker’s Cyst Treatment

Bakers cyst or a popliteal cyst is a fluid filled cavity protruding to the back of the knee. It is not dangerous and usually do not require any treatment if the knee is asymptomatic. But in some cases, it can rupture and become complicated by spreading fluid down the leg between the muscles of the calf.

Baker's Cyst Treatment Chennai

Characteristics of Bakers Cyst

  • Cause: Osteoarthritis OR cartilage tear (torn meniscus) OR worn articular cartilage in the knee

  • Symptoms: Asymptomatic or show symptoms like calf pain, tightness behind the knee in extended or fully flexed position

  • Treatment: In most of the cases, no treatment is required as treating the cause will reduce the size of the cyst. Arthroscopic surgery is performed to remove the swollen tissue (synovium) that leads to the cyst formation.