Elbow Fractures

Elbow Fracture Treatment

Breakage in any of the bones that form elbow (distal humerus, radial head or olecranon) is termed as elbow fracture. It may be associated with tearing of ligaments, muscles, or tendons.

Elbow Fracture Treatment

Characteristics of Elbow Fracture:

  • Cause: Fall directly on the elbow OR struck by a hard object OR landing on an outstretched arm

  • Symptoms: Sudden & intense pain and tenderness, swelling of the area, inability to straighten the elbow, deformity and painful movement of joint along with bruising and numbness of one or more fingers or loss of pulse.

  • Treatment: Some of the elbow fractures may require only splint, sling or cast to hold the elbow in place but displaced or open fractures require surgical treatment.