Fractures in the Knee Bones

Fractured Knee Treatment

Certain fractures in the knee joint can be fixed with Arthroscopy-assisted percutaneous fixation. These include:

  • Simple or depression fractures of the tibial plateau

  • Simple fractures of the patella

  • Reconstruction of the articular surface in complex fractures

  • Bony avulsions of the posterior or anterior cruciate ligament

  • Osteochondral flakes

  • Concomitant intra-articular lesions in fractures of the knee joint

Fractured Knee Treatment Chennai

Advantages of Arthroscopy-assisted percutaneous fixation
  • Decreased invasiveness

  • Decreased morbidity rates

  • Improved diagnosis, evaluation of the reduction, and management of accompanying lesions

  • Improved quality of the reduction

  • Avoid the need for an extensive arthrotomy

  • Good short- and medium-term outcomes

  • Early mobilization