Hand and Wrist Treatments

Hands & wrist are vital parts of our upper limb that are required for almost all activities. But in certain sports activities like throw ball, cricket, volley-ball, basket-ball etc., athletes can injure their hand or wrist while playing.

Main causes of Hand and Wrist injuries

  • Overuse

  • Over or sudden stretching

  • Repetitive high stress & strain

  • Extra force

  • Weak muscles, tendons & ligaments

  • Insufficient warm up

  • Poor training methods

  • Unsafe exercising environments

  • Sudden or forced twisting and turning of hand

  • Fall on the hand with an outstretched arm

Major Hand and Wrist injuries

  • Sprain & Strain

  • Fracture, dislocation & subluxation

  • TFCC tear

  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Wrist tendonitis

  • Ganglion cyst

  • Wrist strain

  • Wrist bursitis

  • Volar plater injury

  • Black fingernail (Subangual haematoma)

  • Cellulitis Infection (Finger Felon)

  • Dequiverans disease

  • Trigger finger

Symptoms of Hand and Wrist injuries

  • Severe pain & swelling in the wrist, hand and fingers

  • Crack sound from the wrist, hand or fingers

  • Altered sensation (either loss of sensation or feeling of pins & needles) in the hand or fingers

  • Unable to complete the normal daily activities

Treatment of Hand and Wrist injuries

Depending upon the cause and severity of injury, physician may prescribe following treatment to the patient:

Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Rest to the wrist and arm by restricting all sports and other activities

  • Wearing an immobilizing palm wrist support or glove to restrict the movement of hand and wrist

  • Physical therapy including specific exercises & rehabilitation program to restore flexibility and strength of the upper limb

  • Anti-inflammatory medications include drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen to reduce pain and swelling of the hand or wrist

  • Cortisone injection to reduce pain & inflammation

Surgical Treatment

In cases where all the above non-surgical treatment options fail to provide any relief to the patient, surgery is performed to fix the abnormality and restore the hand & wrist functionality.