Knee Pain

Knee replacement surgery:
How long would you want to endure pain?

When our knee incurs an injury or damage to the cartilage it results in acute knee pain. If untreated the pain gradually increases and results in severe pain. The pain never reduces with painkillers and physiotherapy thereby warrants for surgical intervention. The question here is how long one should suffer or remain with this knee pain?

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Knowing when to go for knee replacement?

  • Conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis caused by the damage to the articular cartilage.
  • Deformity caused by bow legs cause severe knee pain with age and can be corrected with knee replacement surgery
  • Knee pain could get so agonizing over time that the person would feel depressed and will not be able to sleep or rest. Chronic knee inflammation does not visibly improve with medications, physiotherapy, over the counter medicines and ointments, then it’s time to seriously think about getting the knee replacement done
  • The people suffering from knee pain will find it difficult to climb stairs, bend down and walk even a shorter distance. The right candidates for total knee replacement or partial knee replacement are people who endure persistent knee pain which doesn’t subside with non-surgical methods.
  • The knee could be basically compartmentalised into three parts; medial, lateral and patellofemoral. In case if only single part of the knee is affected the patient could opt for partial knee surgery and if more than one compartment is affected total knee replacement could be the best option.
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Benefits of knee replacement.

Pain due to arthritis disappears, patients walk pain-free, comfortably. It increases the mobility of the knee joint and makes patient walk freely. Once the patients start walking it controls the blood pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol and brings down the body weight.

Importantly it corrects the limb alignment and improves the knee function.

Mahi clinic: is an Orthopaedic clinic in Chennai

Mahi Clinic is one of the foremost clinics to go for in case one is looking for a knee replacement surgery. The clinic has two branches one is at kilpauk and another at sowcarpet, Chennai and is headed by reputed Orthopaedic surgeon Dr.Vijay Kumar. S. He is one of the renowned surgical experts in knee replacement surgery and a consultant at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai.

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Pre surgery evaluation and surgical procedure

A complete health check-up is done to evaluate the patient’s overall health before undergoing the surgery. Some patient’s suffering from any sort of chronic ailments may require additional physical examination to evaluate the readiness to undergo a surgery.

The first stage of the surgery involves removing damaged cartilage surfaces at the end of the femur and tibia.

The removed cartilage is replaced by metal implants that are the exact imitation of the removed cartilage surface

A plastic component is placed in the place of tibia for smooth and continuous movement of the knee Total Knee Replacement surgery

A surgeon evaluates the patient’s health and assesses the damage to the knees with the aid of X-ray or MRI scan.

Before the surgery is decided the patent will have to go through series of physical examination an examination by the anesthesia team. Then the patient is admitted to the hospital for surgery.

The procedure itself will take one to two hours to complete depending on single or both knees. The damaged cartilage is removed and the metal implant is fixed to restore the knee.

Post surgery care

Post surgery the patient will be able to walk or take few strides the same day. The patient is advised to go through a series of physiotherapy session to exercise the knee.

Medications will be provided to ease the pain in the initial days post surgery and to avoid blood clotting.