Arthroscopic Surgery for Meniscus Tear

Meniscus Tear Surgery

There are two thick wedge shaped cartilages called medial and lateral meniscus that are attached to top of the tibia bone in the knee joint. They are tough and rubbery and act as shock absorbers of knee joint.

Meniscus Tear Surgery

Characteristics ofMeniscus Tear

  • Cause: Trauma caused by extensive or forceful twisting and hyperflexion of knee joint OR cartilage weakening due to age related wear and tear

  • Symptoms: Extensive pain, swelling, stiffness and popping of knee joint along with locking of knee joint and loss of full joint motion.

  • Treatment: Arthroscopic surgery is recommended for meniscal tear located in the periphery of meniscus. Arthroscopic surgery aims to preserve as much healthy meniscus as possible.