Meniscus Tear Symptoms, Causes and Treatments (Torn Cartilage)

Meniscus Tear Treatment

Knee joint have cartilage tissue that act like shock absorbers and is called menisci. Along with this, there are also areas of cartilage called articular cartilages that cover the ends of the long bones. Tearing of any of these cartilages can cause significant problems to the patient.

Meniscus Tear Treatment Chennai

Characteristics of Torn Cartilage

  • Cause: Traumatic twisting injury to the knee joint

  • Symptoms: Pain, discomfort and swelling around the joint line especially on movement and weight bearing, locking of knee due to disruption of smooth movement by cartilage pieces.

  • Treatment: Arthroscopic surgery is performed to remove loose and ragged bits of cartilage or to transplant cartilage into the damaged area. If left untreated, this can lead to early osteoarthritis.