Removal or Repair of the Labrum

Shoulder is a ball and socket joint that allows smooth gliding. This is inherently an unstable joint due to shallow socket. Labrum (soft rim of cartilage) lines as well as deepens this socket for better accommodation of the upper arm bone. A tear in this labrum can cause various problems and is a common injury in throwing athletes but can also occur due to other reasons.

Characteristics of Torn labrum:

  • Cause: Age related wear & tear OR injury due to fall OR other traumatic injuries OR blow on shoulder.

  • Symptoms: Swelling, pain, catching or locking sensation, decreased range of motion and joint instability.

  • Treatment: Shoulder arthroscopy is recommended in cases where conservative measures fail and damage is confined to the labrum without involving the tendon. The torn flap of labrum is removed or repaired with absorbable wires or sutures.